Super Viga 240000 Delay Spray

Viga 240000 Delay Spray
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Super Viga Spray 240000 with Vitamin E

Viga Delay Spray The Most Demanding Delay Spray ever

Nothing can provide us more happiness in this life than physical affection. Life can be enjoyable if your sex life if good and strong. When sex life within a couple is good, that can keep them happy and make them long for each other, pointing to a healthy and pleasant relationship.

There is no barrier to the entertainment that one can get from sexual relations. Each soul in this world would like to increase their closeness as much as possible; more so with romantic couples. Super Viga spray supplemented with Vitamin E assists men maintain their erection for a longer than average duration and perform without discharge. The skin-friendly spray should help couples experience a continued closeness and enjoy a thoroughgoing orgasm and the kind of pleasure that couples receive cannot be communicated within words, but should only be encountered.

The spray is especially effective for men with premature ejaculation difficulties and for those who intentionally wanted to reach their coital time and enjoy a significant session.

What does Super Viga 240000 Delay Spray contain?

Super Viga 240000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E contains 10% Lidocaine, which is the suggested dosage. Lidocaine is extensively applied in various delay sprays available in the market. The chemical mixture desensitizes men's organs enabling them to satisfy in penetrative sex longer and longer.

How to use Super Viga 240000 Delay Spray?

Shake the container well before using it.

While examining it for the first time, perform a test spray on your arms or parts and leave it for 10 minutes. If you don't get any allergic response, then you are able to use Super Viga 5000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E and experience satisfying sex with your partner.

For most reliable outcomes, spray Super Viga Spray with Vitamin E at least 10 to 15 minutes before your sex.

Spray only 3-4 times covering the whole head of the penis is covered.

Do not overspray with the hope that more sprays express more banging time. Over spraying is dangerous. With normal usage, you will come to know the quantity of spray is needed for you.

Indulge in delightful penetrative sex with your partner.

After the end of the game, wash your tool completely with hot water or wipe it clean with a wet cloth. Also, clean your hands.

What are the advantages of applying Super Viga 240000 Delay Spray

Super Viga 240000 is an outer use spray that will desensitize the tool enabling you to have greater authority over the discharge and therefore assist you to increase your sex duration.

Guaranteed delay in discharge leading to higher sexual satisfaction.

Super Viga 240000 is a benefit in cover for men enduring from premature ejaculation problems. They can certainly delay their discharge time and enjoy satisfying sex.

Guaranteed increase in the capacity to hold an erection for a more extended duration and therefore assured satisfaction for your partner with you during sex encounter.

You can deliver her a mind-blowing orgasm and therefore a higher feeling of well-being

Time examined the product and verified outcomes.

The Super Viga 240000 indeed benefits in bypassing break-ups and divorces due to disappointment in sexual life.

What are the Disadvantages of Super Viga 240000 Delay Spray?

Super Viga spray is usually trustworthy and without any contraindications under ordinary conditions

Spray only the least amount needed to cover the top of your penis. Over spraying is dangerous and may create paralysis of your penis and in such circumstances, urgent medical care is advised.

Viga Spray Use

Viga Spray use is as simple as you can use a body spray. Just a bit different. Clean your both hands properly. Spray 3 to 4 times on the head of the penis. Massage with your fingers softly. wait for 15 minutes. Now you are ready for surprise sex full of hardness. Viga spray use is simple and easy. Instructions are also available on the Pack.

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